Migration and ageing in the Highlands

10 December 2012 - Along with the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR), CPC hosted an event which brought together three academics involved in research relating to migration and/or ageing, and asked them what relevance these issues have in the Highlands environment.

Migration is a crucial element of population change. With low fertility rates in most European countries, migration has become a major influence on net national population growth and local population age structures.

Migration issues also intersect those of ageing and fertility. For example, the elderly and their families may move closer together to facilitate caring or migration might impact on the decision whether to have a/another child or not.

You can view Dr David McCollum's and Dr Paulina Trevena's presentation slides from the event online.


TITLE: Migration and ageing in the Highlands
DATE: Monday 10 December 2012
TIME: 12.30pm - 5pm
VENUE: UHI Millennium Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness

Dr Paulina Trevena, ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC), University of Southampton
Family and household formation among Polish migrants living in England and Scotland

Professor David Bell, Economics Division, University of Stirling
Rural ageing, migration and care

Dr David McCollum, School of Geography and Geosciences, University of St Andrews
International labour mobility

Full details available on the CRFR website and you can also view the full programme.


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