Poverty among older people in Central Asia and the Caucasus

A study of of older people living in Central Asia and the Caucasus finds that substantial number live in poverty and experience economic hardship.

The study of older people in the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan which uses a broad range of factors to measure poverty, including living conditions, sources of finance and support networks, contrasts to World Bank findings based on 'per capita' measures of household income.

The project found that to make ends meet, many older people in these countries continue to work to supplement low-value pensions. Older people were often found to face healthcare deprivation and also out-of-pocket payments for treatment. However, despite the disruption brought about by economic transition in these countries, the family remains an essential source of financial and emotional support.
To read more about the project directed by Prof. Jane Falkingham with members of the Centre for Research on Ageing (Maria Evandrou, Angela Baschieri and Gail Grant), read the ESRC Impact Case Study here.


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