Post-Transitional Fertility in Developing Countries

What has been the European experience of low fertility, how has African fertility declined, what is the future for low fertility and what is optimal fertility? These are just some of the questions addressed at a seminar on post-transitional fertility in developing countries held at the University of Portsmouth on the 20th -21st July 2011.

Seminar co-organiser and CPC member Dr Chris Wilson commented that 'the seminar, funded by the ESRC, has been a great success. The opportunity to bring together many of the most experienced academics in the study of fertility including Tim Dyson, John Cleland and Tomáš Sobotka has increased our understanding of the issues, sparked new ideas and will hopefully lead to some new collaborative work'. Sasee Pallikadavath who also co-organised the seminar added 'it was a great pleasure to host this event in Portsmouth and to be part of this international network of fertility experts'

The full programme for the seminar can be found here


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