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  • Households where the woman is the sole earner are significantly poorer

    The term ‘female breadwinner’ conjures images of power-dressing corporate businesswomen who are bucking traditional gender norms to ‘have it all’. However, high-earning women make up only a small proportion of female breadwinners, the majority of which tend to work less hours than their male counterparts do, and are less likely to be in managerial positions.

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    CPC Showcase: Ann Berrington and Brienna Perelli-Harris, PAA session organisers

    PAA is a large gathering of international researchers – and a large gathering means a lot of organisation is required! Two CPC staff members, Ann Berrington and Brienna Perelli-Harris have been working hard to ensure that PAA 2019 is a success. The call for submissions covered 11 topics representing a diverse range of research. This resulted in the 151 session organisers reviewing almost 4,000 submissions (that’s 150 submissions per organiser!). View the online programme.

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    PAA Showcase: Nicholas Campisi

    Nicholas Campisi is a St. Andrews-Max Planck funded PhD student researching spatial variation in urban-rural fertility patterns across Europe. He is supervised by Hill Kulu and Julia Mikolai at the University of St Andrews, Mikko Myrskylä, and Sebastian Klüsener at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

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    Ann Berrington

    Ann Berrington appointed to ESRC Strategic Advisory Network

    Congratulations to CPC member Ann Berrington who has been appointed to the ESRC Strategic Advisory Network (SAN).

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    Corrado Giulietti

    Video now available: 'Immigration and its effect on the local area' with Corrado Giulietti

    Corrado Giulietti gave the CPC seminar on 4 April 2019 on his study exploring the impact of local-level immigration on the location choices of UK-born residents.

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    PAA 2019 logo

    CPC at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting

    CPC members will be heading to Austin, Texas, for the Population Association of America (PAA) 2019 Annual Meeting between 10-13 April. The meeting brings together demographers, social and health scientists from the United States and abroad. Since PAA’s first conference in 1930, much important research has been presented and discussed on topics ranging from migration to sexual reproductive health to race and gender issues.

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    Headshot of Nicolo Cavalli

    Video now available: 'Online footprints of family change: A study based on Twitter' with Nicolò Cavalli

    Nicolò Cavalli visited CPC on on 21 March 2019 to give a seminar on his study using Twitter data to study family change. This approach provides an innovative way to map the cultural footprints that underlie family change, updating the Goffmanian research project concerned with the presentation of self in everyday life to the “Internet era”.

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    CPC at Science & Engineering Day

    The Southampton Science & Engineering Festival (SOTSEF) - including Science & Engineering Day - is back for 2019 with more exciting hands-on activities, shows, demonstrations, talks and tours!

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    British Society for Population Studies conference

    BSPS Conference 2019: Call for papers

    The British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) is now accepting papers for its 2019 conference, with a deadline of 29 April 2019.

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    CPC 10th anniversary marque

    CPC celebrates 10 years

    In 2019, the ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC) celebrates its 10th anniversary year. Since 2009, CPC researchers have been busy investigating society’s most critical questions about population change. Here, we take a look back at some of the highlights and achievements of the last 10 years.

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    AAAS Annual Meeting United Kingdom exhibition stand

    How to live to 100 and tell people about it!

    CPC is set to showcase its highly successful ‘How to get to 100’ exhibition on the international stage, as today marks the start of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

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    Blog post on UK in a Changing Europe website

    International students in Scotland, Brexit and beyond

    CPC member David McCollum has published a blog post on the The UK in a Changing Europe analysis website. His post, ‘International students in Scotland, Brexit and beyond’ considers Scotland’s position in attracting and continuing to attract international students in the face of stiff competition, and the current climate of immigration policy, rhetoric and Brexit. It presents findings from a recent roundtable meeting, attended by representatives from key stakeholder organisations, which took place in Edinburgh at the end of 2018.

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    Gerontology and Ageing Distance Learning Courses at the University of Southampton led by CPC member

    CPC member Maria Evandrou is leading a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship programme for MSc Gerontology/ Global Ageing at the University of Southampton in 2019-20.

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    Jonas Radl headshot

    Video now available: 'Sustainability of public pension systems' with Jonas Radl

    CPC welcomed Dr Jonas Radl on 17 January 2019, who gave a seminar on the effects of the perceived sustainability of public pension systems on social policy preferences, with evidence from a survey experiment in Germany, Spain and the United States.

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    Jackie Wahba speaking at University of Southampton Public Lecture 2018

    Jackie Wahba reappointed to Migration Advisory Committee

    CPC member, Professor Jackie Wahba, has been reappointed to the UK Home Office sponsored Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) for a further two years until November 2020.

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    Front cover of ESRC Society Now issue 33 winter 2018

    The age divide: CPC in ESRC Society Now magazine

    A feature article on Albert Sabater, Elspeth Graham and Nissa Finney's research has been published in the winter 2018 issue of ESRC Society Now magazine.

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    Anna Rotkirch headhsot

    Video now available: 'Why do older people fall in love' with Anna Rotkirch

    CPC welcomed Dr Anna Rotkirch on 23 November 2018, who gave a seminar on why older people fall in love.

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    Young people sitting on the street using mobile phones

    Can social media help us investigate migration?

    CPC PhD student Francesco Rampazzo is using social media data to provide a clearer picture of the numbers of migrants in the UK. International migration to the UK has become a hot topic both in research and in the media, but there are still huge limitations on the availability of timely data for measuring migration. Detailed data on migrants’ characteristics are also much needed for producing accurate statistics and informing policy. Facebook is a nonrepresentative source of data for the whole population of a country, but it is a digital source updated in real time, with numerous possibilities to filter information.

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    Life expectancy forecast graph

    Predicting births and deaths

    Forecasts of mortality provide vital information about our future population of elderly citizens, with implications for pension and health-care policy as well as for decisions made by private companies about life insurance and pensions. Fertility is a dynamic social process that is influenced by a range of economic and cultural factors. This complicates the process of forecasting future numbers of births, as the direction and magnitude of changes in fertility rates are consequently much less predictable than they are for death rates.

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    Older woman and younger woman embracing

    Relations between the young and old

    Extending the work of CPC’s ‘Exchange between the generations’ strand, Professor Jane Falkingham has recently been appointed as Special Advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness & Provision.

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    Man stands with child in airport

    The Brexit effect

    Researchers Maria Evandrou, Jane Falkingham, Athina Vlachantoni and Zhixin Frank Feng have been exploring partnerships between individuals of different nationality in the UK against the background of an impending Brexit. The study, which uses data from the UK Census and Understanding Society, is also examining the association between the type of partnership and the preferences of respondents on whether the UK should remain in, or leave the European Union.

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    The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies front cover

    UK second generation - expectations for living together, marriage and parenthood

    New research published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies by CPC member Ann Berrington is exploring whether young people’s expectations of living together, marriage and parenthood differ by ethnic group, and whether the expectations of the UK second generation are becoming similar to those of their white British counterparts.

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    International Students in the UK: Migration intentions, influences and destinations

    CPC have issued a policy briefing to accompany a report published today on the findings from a survey of international students in the UK that compares their intentions to stay or leave the UK with their actual movements once they graduate.

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    Workshop: Uncertainty and Complexity of Migration

    The Centre for Population Change, along with International Union for the Scientific Study of Populations (IUSSP), will be running a free workshop on the ‘Uncertainty and Complexity of Migration’ in London next month. The 2-day workshop will take place at the British Academy on 20 and 21 November and has been organised as a part of the ERC project on Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies.

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    Video now available: 'Union dissolution, residential mobility and housing in Britain' with Julia Mikolai

    CPC recently welcomed Julia Mikolai who gave a seminar on the connections between partner relationships, residential relocations and housing.

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    British Society of Population Studies (BSPS) Conference 2018: Roundup

    We were delighted to attend the British Society of Population Studies (BSPS) Conference, at Winchester University, in September 2018.

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    Fairness between the generations: Lord Willetts to give Distinguished Lecture

    The ESRC Centre for Population Change is delighted to be collaborating on the latest lecture in the University of Southampton’s Distinguished Lecture series, which will be delivered by Lord Willetts, Executive Chair of the Resolution Foundation and former Minister for Universities and Science.

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    Public Lecture Series: Cost and Benefits of International Students

    Higher Education is becoming increasingly globalised. In the UK, international students make up nearly a fifth of all students in the HE system. As a result, this growing population is a significant part of the ongoing debate over net UK migration figures, but are they a cost or a benefit to the UK?

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    CPC at BSPS Conference 2018

    Many CPC members will be contributing to this year's British Society of Population Studies Conference (BSPS) conference at the University of Winchester, due to take place 10 – 12 September 2018.

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    Athina Vlachantoni and Corrado Giulietti

    Promotions success for CPC members

    Last week two members of CPC were promoted to the role of Professor at the University of Southampton. Dr Corrado Giulietti has been promoted to Professor of Economics and Dr Athina Vlachantoni has been promoted to Professor of Gerontology and Social Policy. Corrado has also been appointed as Head of Department for Economics.

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    World Population Day 2018

    Wednesday 11 July 2018 marks World Population Day, with this year's theme: “Family Planning is a Human Right”.

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    Video now available: 'Pension adequacy standards' with Christian Dudel

    CPC recently welcomed Dr Christian Dudel who gave a seminar proposing a general framework for the estimation of pension adequacy standards.

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    European Population Conference Brussels 2018

    CPC had a successful time at the European Population Conference in Brussels from 6-9 June, featuring research by Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou, Elspeth Graham, Alexandra Ciritel, Katie Heap, Hill Kulu, Brienna Perelli-Harris, Francesco Rampazzo, Albert Sabater, Agnese Vitali and Athina Vlachantoni.

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    CPC Director is elected President of European Association for Population Studies

    CPC Director, Professor Jane Falkingham, was announced as President of the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) following recent Council elections.

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    Video now available: 'An agent-based model of sex ratio at birth distortions' with Francisco Villavicencio

    CPC recently welcomed Dr Francisco Villavicencio who gave a seminar on his model for explaining the sex distortion at birth in India and South Korea.

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    ‘Demographic Change and Migration’ report is published

    The work of CPC members Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou, Saara Hämäläinen, Maja Palmer and Athina Vlachantoni was included in a recent report ‘Demographic Change and Migration’, published as part of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “More Years, Better Lives”. Their contributions were included in chapters on ‘Migrants in the health and social care workforce’; ‘Migrants in the pension system’; and in the UK’s country report.

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    CPC Director Jane Falkingham appointed to new ESRC Council

    CPC Director, Professor Jane Falkingham, has been appointed as a member of the new ESRC Council, due to come into effect with the launch of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on 1 April 2018.

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    Video now available: 'The Kids Are Alright' with Professor Christina Gibson-Davis

    CPC was delighted that Professor Christina Gibson-Davis visited to give a seminar on her work on non-marital births and child well-being.

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    ESRC logo

    ESRC grants Centre for Population Change transition funding under new model

    The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has today announced that the Centre for Population Change, along with a further seven established research centres, has been awarded funding to continue its work under a new model designed to secure the long term sustainability of social science research excellence in the UK.

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    New article discusses if partnership and marriage provide benefits to mental health and well-being

    An article ‘Mental Well-Being Differences in Cohabitation and Marriage: The Role of Childhood Selection’ written by CPC Associate Professor Dr Brienna Perelli-Harris and Marta Styrc has recently been published in the Journal of Marriage and Family on Wiley Online Library.

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    Professor David Bell

    Professor David Bell awarded CBE for services to economics and public policy

    Congratulations to CPC’s Professor David Bell, who has been made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his outstanding service to economics and public policy.

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