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  • Changing Populations issue 11 front cover

    New issue of Changing Populations

    The latest issue of the CPC-CG newsletter magazine, Changing Populations, is now published.

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    Professor Jane Falkingham CBE

    King’s Honour for Professor Jane Falkingham

    Professor Jane Falkingham, Director of the ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC) and Principal Investigator of ESRC Connecting Generations, has been awarded a CBE in the King’s New Year Honours.

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    Violent crime increased during Austerity 1.0

    New study finds Austerity 1.0 led to more crime – could we see the same again in Austerity 2.0?

    A new study from the University of Southampton has found that Austerity 1.0 led to an increase in crime across urban areas in England and Wales, and an increase in new offenders.

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    People walking on crowded street. Credit: istock.com/VVShots

    World Population reaches 8 billion on 15 November 2022

    Experts in the United Nations Population Division have estimated that the world’s population will hit 8 billion on 15 November 2022, having risen by 1 billion since 2011. The growing global population is a direct result of progress in medicine and health systems, is a measure of improvements in education and development, and is a landmark for human survival. [1]

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    Resolution Foundation intergenerational audit front cover

    Resolution Foundation intergenerational audit is published

    New research published today by the Resolution Foundation, funded by the ESRC Connecting Generations research programme, has found that older people will spend a higher share of their income on energy bills this winter than other age groups. The over-75s are expected to spend 8 per cent of their total household budgets on bills, even with significant government support. But younger households are most at risk of being unable to pay bills or falling into arrears.

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    Population Europe event to mark 8 billion world citizens

    CPC Director marks world population reaching 8 billion

    The UN predicts that the world’s population will reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022. To mark this significant milestone, Population Europe hosted a webinar, ‘How far have we come, and where are we headed?’.

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    Methods podcast

    New podcast series explores qualitative longitudinal and mixed methods research

    NCRM and the YouthLife project, of which CPC member Professor Ann Berrington is one of the coordinators, have launched a new six-part podcast series featuring conversations with international experts on key methodological issues.

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    Young family waiting to cross the street. Credit: istock.com/ChristineMcCann

    The UK Generations and Gender Survey launched

    The University of Southampton, in collaboration with the National Centre for Social Research, have launched the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS). This ESRC-funded project is led by Centre for Population Change members Professor Brienna Perelli-Harris, Professor Ann Berrington, and Dr Olga Maslovskaya, as part of an international collaboration with the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP).

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    Rear view of young couple walking and talking. Image credit: istock.com/imamember

    Uncertain steps into adulthood

    A new study led by Dr Lydia Palumbo from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), with Professor Ann Berrington from the ESRC Centre for Population Change at the University of Southampton, Professor Peter Eibich (MPIDR) and Dr Agnese Vitali (University of Trento), examined how different definitions of economic precariousness have contributed to significant shifts in partnership dynamics among young adults in recent years.

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    British Society for Population Studies logo

    Taking part in the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) annual conference 2022

    The British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) holds an annual conference each September and this year it will return to an in-person event hosted at the University of Winchester from 5-7 September 2022.

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    Census 2021 logo | Credit ONS

    First Census 2021 results released

    The first results from Census 2021 have been released today (28 June 2022). These population and household estimates for England and for Wales, for each local authority district, will guide the planning of local and national services we all rely on.

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    European Population Conference 2022 | 29 June - 2 July Groningen

    CPC at the European Population Conference

    CPC members will be participating in the European Population Conference (EPC) from 29 June to 2 July 2022. This year it will be hosted in Groningen in collaboration the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and the University of Groningen. EPC 2022 will be the first hybrid conference of EAPS.

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    22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium | Oslo – 9-11 June 2022

    CPC at the Nordic Demographic Symposium

    CPC members will be participating in the 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium which will be held in Oslo 9-11 June 2022.

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    Connecting Generations logo

    Video now available: Bridging the gap in a post-Brexit / post-Covid society

    CPC Director, Professor Jane Falkingham OBE, gave the inaugural Connecting Generations Thought Leader Talk, entitled 'Bridging the gap in a post-Brexit / post-Covid society' on 25 April 2022. She was joined in a panel discussion by Connecting Generations Co-Directors, Professors Hill Kulu and Mike Brewer, and many interested stakeholders and colleagues were in attendance.

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    Mother holding baby. Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

    Effect of lockdowns on birth rates in the UK

    CPC researchers Professor Ann Berrington and Dr Joanne Ellison from the University of Southampton have published an article in The Conversation on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on birth rates in the UK.

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    Young couple at home | Credit: istock.com/FilippoBacci

    People born in the 80s not likely to marry their first cohabiting partner

    Compared to people born in the 70s, who are almost equally likely to marry or separate from their first cohabiting partners, 80s children are significantly more likely to separate from the first partner they live with, according to researchers from UCL and the ESRC Centre for Population Change.

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    PAA 6-9 April, Atlanta, Georgia

    CPC at the Population Association of America annual meeting

    CPC members will be participating in the Population Association of America (PAA) annual meeting from 6-9 April 2022. This year it will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as online. The conference will play host to demographers and social and health scientists from the United States and abroad who will attend to present their research in oral and poster sessions, hear others’ findings, and network with their peers.

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    Sleepless young woman covering eyes with hands | istock.com/fizkes

    World Sleep Day – 18 March 2022

    This year marks the 15th annual World Sleep Day (WSD), an annual, global call to action about the importance of healthy sleep, created and hosted by the World Sleep Society. This year’s theme promotes ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’.

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    Athina Vlachantoni and Jackie Wahba

    Athina Vlachantoni and Jackline Wahba conferred to the Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences

    CPC members, Professor Athina Vlachantoni and Professor Jackline Wahba OBE, have been conferred to the Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences. Athina is Professor of Gerontology and Social Policy and Jackie is Professor of Economics, both at the University of Southampton. They both co-ordinate the CPC ‘Migration and mobility’ research strand with Professor Hill Kulu.

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    Residents of Donetsk have been evacuated in recent days. Arkady Budnitsky / EPA-EFE

    The hope is finished’: life in the Ukrainian separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk

    In July 2021, CPC member Brienna Perelli-Harris, along with Theodore Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Yuliya Hilevych, University of Groningen, hired a Ukraine-based research team to help them conduct focus groups with people living in the separatist territories of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics about the everyday problems they faced. Here, they discuss their findings:

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    Family walking Credit: istock.com/Stas-Bejsov

    Open for single workers only? Point-based immigration increases poverty risks for migrant families

    Skilled overseas workers with families face a higher risk of poverty than UK workers and their net incomes will be lower than UK workers' in the same professions under the UK’s points-based immigration system, a new study has found. Researchers from the ESRC Centre for Population Change at the University of Southampton have calculated and compared the net average income from seven skilled professions, for three different household types for migrants and non-migrants.

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    Celebrating Demography 4 Feb 2022

    Demography Day - Why we celebrate population science

    This year, the ESRC Centre for Population Change is joining its partners Population Europe in highlighting 4 February as Demography Day, with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of demographic research.

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    Changing Populations issue 9 front cover

    The latest edition of Changing Populations is out now

    The new edition of the CPC newsletter magazine, Changing Populations, is now published.

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    People walking in the park. Image credit: istock.com/YuryKaramanenko

    Covid-19 pandemic resulted in temporary decline in number of babies born in UK

    Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, birth rates in the UK had already declined to historically low levels. The most recent data published by the national statistical offices suggest a short-term decline in births in England and Wales, and Scotland, but little change in Northern Ireland, following the first Covid-19 lockdown. In Scotland and Northern Ireland the number of births was back up to pre-Covid levels from March 2021 onwards.

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    Sir Ian Diamond event banner

    Sir Ian Diamond: How a National Statistics Institute responds to a pandemic

    We are delighted to announce that Professor Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician, will be joining us for a free virtual public lecture on 31 January.

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    Professor Jane Falkingham OBE

    ESRC awards £8.26m to new centre led by Jane Falkingham

    CPC Director, Professor Jane Falkingham OBE, is to lead one of six new ESRC research centres which will tackle critical social and economic issues – from evolving policing, to social care and intergenerational inequality.

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    IPC 2021 logo

    CPC at the International Population Conference 2021

    From 5-10 December, CPC members will be attending the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) International Population Conference (IPC2021).

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    Demography journal title

    Facebook reveals number of migrants in the UK has been underestimated

    Facebook data has helped a CPC Associate reveal the number of European migrants in the UK has been underestimated, according to new research published today in the journal Demography.

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    Professor Alison Bowes, DesHCA project lead

    King and Queen of Sweden meet CPC member

    The King and Queen of Sweden paid a royal visit to the University of Stirling on 4 October to learn about its world-leading dementia research. Queen Silvia's charity foundation Silviahemmet is supporting a major research project, led by CPC member Professor Alison Bowes, to develop housing innovations that can better support people living with cognitive conditions, such as dementia, to stay in their own homes for longer.

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    Sabu Padmadas and Erengul Dodd

    Congratulations to CPC colleagues

    Congratulations to CPC researcher, Dr Erengul Dodd, and CPC Associate, Professor Sabu Padmadas, who have received news of their appointments as Turing Fellow and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, respectively.

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