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  • Professor Brienna Perelli-Harris launches the UK's first Generations and Gender Survey

    The UK's first Generations and Gender Survey data now available

    The data from the UK's first Generations and Gender Survey (UK GGS) is now accessible from the UK Data Service data catalogue: United Kingdom Generations and Gender Survey, 2022-2023. The comprehensive new survey reveals the changing face of UK families amid recent economic, social, and political turmoil.

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    Professor Judith Phillips OBE. Credit: University of Stirling

    Professor Judith Phillips OBE elected fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Connecting Generations member Professor Judith Phillips OBE - a world-renowned gerontologist and expert in healthy ageing - has been elected a fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). Professor Phillips, a leader in the field of positive ageing, has been recognised for her outstanding research and policy work in improving the lives of older people.

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    Jane Falkingham, Mims Davies and Caroline Nokes with roundtable meeting attendees.

    Menopause in the workplace: International Women's Day 2024

    To mark International Women's Day (8 March) CPC-CG Director Professor Jane Falkingham CBE attended a roundtable discussion at 10 Downing Street to discuss employer support for people affected by menopause in the workplace. Professor Falkingham also hosted the Rt Hon Justine Greening for an 'in discussion' event focusing on this year's International Women's Day theme of 'inspiring inclusion' at the University of Southampton on 6 March.

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    How intergenerational voting intentions have changed since the 2019 General Election. Credit: Resolution Foundation

    New report: Britain’s deepening turnout divide

    New analysis from the Resolution Foundation, supported by ESRC Connecting Generations, has found that the turnout divide between richer and poorer young voters is deepening. Millennial non-graduates and non-homeowners are increasingly unlikely to vote compared to their graduate and homeowning counterparts since the last general election.

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    Professor Jane Falkingham CBE at the Berlin Demography Days. Credit: Population Europe

    Berlin Demography Days

    CPC-CG Director, Professor Jane Falkingham CBE, and CPC-CG Co-Director, Professor Hill Kulu, took part in the Population Europe Berlin Demography Days from 23-25 January.

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    Front cover of the SHAPE of Research Impact report

    New report reveals impact of social sciences and humanities research

    CG Co-Director Professor Melinda Mills has led a project team who have identified the impact of social sciences and humanities research using the UK’s Research Excellence Framework.

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    Professor Jane Falkingham CBE on BBC Talking Business: Credit: BBC

    Interviews on demographic challenges

    CPC and CG members have recently given several interviews on some of the most pressing issues facing today's societies.

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    Young woman with face mask at home during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Credit: istock.com/Nevena1987

    Covid-19 lockdown and mental well-being

    CPC-CG and CRA members, Professor Maria Evandrou, Professor Jane Falkingham, Dr Min Qin and Professor Athina Vlachantoni, have found that the exceptional challenges faced by individuals in various life stages during the initial lockdown adversely affected mental well-being, with adolescents and young adults particularly impacted.

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    Row of terraced houses on UK street. Credit: istock.com/Andrew_Howe

    Homes in areas hit hardest by fuel poverty not benefiting from government’s flagship energy scheme, report warns

    Households in areas hit hardest by fuel poverty are not benefiting most from the government’s flagship energy support scheme, a damning report has found.

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    FutuRes image with text reading: Myth:

    Busting myths around ageing

    CPC-CG member Professor Jakub Bijak has written two myth-buster articles for the FutuRes project, explaining how ageing affects us all, and how migration isn't the answer to the issues of an ageing society.

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    Local population change and policy challenges BSPS 50th anniversary policy forum as part of the 2023 ESRC Festival of Social Science

    Celebrating 50 years of the British Society for Population Studies

    CPC-CG Director, Professor Jane Falkingham CBE, recently took part in a policy forum to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) as part of this year's ESRC Festival of Social Science.

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    Front cover of An intergenerational audit for the UK 2023 by the Resolution Foundation

    An intergenerational audit for the UK 2023

    New research published today by the Resolution Foundation, funded by the ESRC Connecting Generations research programme, has found that that, unlike in the US, welcome improvements to millennials’ living standards in recent years in the UK have not gone far enough to close the long-standing generational gaps.

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    Photo shows Professor Ridhi Kashyap. Credit: David Fisher

    Professor Ridhi Kashyap awarded prestigious Leverhulme prize

    Congratulations to Connecting Generations member, Professor Ridhi Kashyap, who has won a Philip Leverhulme Prize for her outstanding research achievements in demography.

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    Figure 1 of study: Map showing subnational (Lower Layer Super Output Area) percentages of prepayment electricity meters in England and Wales

    Prepayment meters associated with multiple types of deprivation

    A new study co-authored by Connecting Generations Co-Director, Professor Melinda Mills, reveals that prepayment meter users in England and Wales are more likely to be exposed to higher levels of social, economic and health deprivation.

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    Primary school students sitting in an art classroom being taught by a teacher in the North East of England. Credit: istock.com/SolStock

    Estimating the Total Fertility Rate with alternative data sources

    CPC and CG members, led by Dr Joanne Ellison, have highlighted the importance of accurately estimating fertility rates to make appropriate comparisons of fertility levels across time and space, and to inform fertility projections.

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    People sitting in conference room listening to a presentation. Credit: istock.com/kasto80

    BSPS at 50: looking backwards, looking forwards at this year's conference

    Next week, CPC-CG members will be heading to the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) 50th anniversary conference at Keele University from 11-13 September.

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    Refugees at Zakany Railway Station. Credit: istock.com/csakisti

    Hotels and employment aren’t major ‘pull factors’ for refugees – here’s what really draws people to move

    CPC-CG and QuantMig members Professor Jackie Wahba and Dr Valentina Di Iasio have written for The Conversation on the factors influencing people's migration decisions - read their full contribution below.

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    Population Europe Policy Brief 41 Managing migration: What can we learn from simulation experiments?

    Managing migration: What can we learn from simulation experiments?

    In an increasingly interconnected world, migration has become a pressing global issue, prompting policymakers to seek innovative solutions to manage and understand its complexities. In a new Population Europe Policy Brief, CPC-CG member Professor Jakub Bijak and colleagues have found that interdisciplinary science, coupled with computer simulations, is emerging as a promising avenue to provide deeper insights into migration processes and aid policymakers in making better-informed decisions.

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    Older woman at work in cafe. Credit: Ageing Better image library

    World Population Day - 11 July 2023

    World Population Day is marked annually on 11 July. This year, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) states:

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    People walking on the pavement in London. Credit: istock.com/claudiodivizia

    Advising on the ONS Dynamic Population Model

    CPC researchers are advising the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in their quest to transform the way population statistics are produced.

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    Front cover of Changing Populations issue 12

    New issue of Changing Populations

    The latest issue of the CPC-CG newsletter magazine, Changing Populations, is now published.

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    Rear view of female backpacker on moving walkway at the airport. Credit: istock.com/coldsnowstorm

    Brexit referendum leads to decline in EU migration to UK

    A recent study examining the effects of the Brexit referendum on migration patterns has shed light on the significant decline in EU migration to the United Kingdom.

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    Business leaders, Southampton scientists and politicians meet to discuss menopause in the workplace

    Government urged to improve menopause care to keep women in work

    Professor Jane Falkingham CBE, Director of the ESRC Centre for Population Change and PI of Connecting Generations, attended a roundtable meeting to discuss her research which found more than half of women aged 50 suffer at least one severe menopause symptom. Around 20 business leaders, council authorities and charity bosses joined private sector and charity organisations at the roundtable hosted by the University of Southampton.

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    Senior couple using mobile phone, home interior. Credit: istockphoto.com/ozgurdonmaz

    Digital communications strengthened family ties during pandemic

    Research examining patterns of intergenerational digital contact before and during the Covid-19 pandemic in England has found that older adults increased their digital communication with family members during the pandemic.

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    Source: David Tett (Centre for Ageing Better)

    As Europe builds resilient labour markets, migration can help – but will not be enough

    Population ageing, a decline of the European labour force, and inequalities in economic activity between age groups and countries: all these challenges put European social systems to the test. How best to meet them? How to design resilient policy responses? Is the solution more migration?

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    CPC CG Working Paper 105 front cover 'Understanding fertility trends in Britain: Do fertility intentions differ across England, Wales and Scotland?'

    Do fertility intentions differ across England, Wales, and Scotland?

    Since the late 1970s, fertility rates have tended to be lower in Scotland, than in England or Wales, and the gap has increased over time. ONS data showed that in 2021, period fertility rates implied an average for Scotland of 1.31 children per woman, compared to 1.49 in Wales, and 1.62 in England.

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    CPC-CG seminar thumbnails on YouTube

    Catch up on all the CPC-CG Seminars from 2023

    The first half of 2023 has been a busy time for our ongoing CPC-CG seminar series, with 11 taking place so far. All seminars this year have been uploaded to the CPC-CG YouTube channel, so do take the opportunity to catch up. This year’s seminars have covered a broad range of topics, including:

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    Connecting Generations team members at the strategic away day

    Connecting Generations inaugural strategic away day

    The ESRC-funded Connecting Generations research programme team came together for the first time at the end of April to share research progress, synergies and to plan future work as the project moves into its second year of funding.

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