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  • The changing demography of lone parenthood in the UK

    24 January 2014 - CPC member, Professor Ann Berrington, gave a keynote speech on 'The changing demography of lone parenthood in the UK' at a one-day conference at Sorbonne-Paris University, France.

    The life expectancy of the English population has increased but health inequalities have increased at the same time (Marmot Review, 2010). Lone mothers with dependent children suffering from depression have been the subject of previous publications. Yet, other determinants of health in connection with lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, tiredness, sleeping disorders, obesity, nutrition, diet, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer, mortality, the lack of leisure and outdoor activities have seldom been mentioned, are not well-documented or are passed over. Still, the health of lone mothers with dependent children, whether they have experienced a divorce, a separation, or are widowed, is frailer than the health of women who are married or living as a couple.

    In 2011 in the UK, there were two million (1.96m) one-parent families. The country has 18 million families (17.9m) with dependent children (ONS, 2012). Almost 92% of single-parent families are headed by mothers and the rates have marginally changed since 2001.

    The event, entitled 'The health of one-parent families in the United Kingdon from the Black Report (1980) to the Marmot Review (2010)', aimed to uncover these phenomena and explore them in the light of quantitative and qualitative studies, discussing the realities of the daily lives of these parents. It examined health, social and geographical inequalities, their mechanisms and considered the health stakes on future generations.

    Alongside this, the conference examined the responsibilities of public health that have been transferred from the National Health Service (NHS) to local authorities under the proposals of the coalition government.

    For further information, please see the event leaflet or contact the event organiser:

    Dr Fabienne Portier-Le Cocq
    Université Paris 13
    Email: fabienne.portier@univ-paris13.fr

    Posted 27/11/2013 11:51