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  • Workshop on UK Population Change and Housing Across the Life Course

    16-17 June 2015 - Professor Elspeth Graham hosted a successful workshop on "UK Population Change and Housing Across the Life Course".

    The workshop was funded by the ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative and organised as a collaboration between the ESRC Centre for Population Change and the Centre for Housing Research, St Andrews. It brought together a group of around 24 population researchers, housing researchers and practitioners/policy makers in a focussed discussion of the latest evidence and thinking relating to population change and housing in the UK. A CPC Working Paper (Graham and Sabater, 2015) providing a review of demographic perspectives, methodological challenges and emerging issues was circulated prior to the event.

    Sessions and presentations were as follows:

    Young adults' housing transitions

    • Rory Coulter - "Parental background and housing outcomes in young adulthood."
    • Elspeth Graham - "Social inequalities and changing transitions to home ownership among young adults in Scotland over two decades."
    • David Clapham - "The Housing Pathways on Young People in the UK."
    • Kim McKee - "General rent and the fallacy of choice."
    • Ann Berrington - "Young adults, economic precariousness and housing."

    Housing and living arrangements of older adults

    • Francesca Fiori - "The impact of household changes on residential mobility and housing adjustments at older ages in Scotland."
    • Jane Falkingham - "Moves into residential care and sheltered housing in later life."
    • Beverley Searle - "Asset-based welfare and housing wealth inequalities."

    Immigration and housing

    • Nissa Finney and Nigel de Noronha - "The need for a housing focus in studies of diversity and neighbourhood population change."
    • David Robinson - "Migration, class and housing."

    Population dynamics, households and housing

    • Esther Roughsedge - "Changes in household formation."
    • Glen Bramley - "Sub-regional household growth, housing supply and the economy: some problems associated with the use of conventional household projections in planning."

    The Bigger Picture - policy perspectives

    Panel discussion with Nigel Henretty (ONS), Jan Freeke (Glasgow City Council), Andy Park (Scottish Government) and Duncan Maclennan (St Andrews).

    It is hoped that the workshop discussions will contribute to the development of a more integrated agenda for future research. See the final programme and abstract booklet for further details on this event.

    For any general enquiries about the workshop, please contact Elspeth Graham efg@st-andrews.ac.uk or Albert Sabater asc6@st-andrews.ac.uk

    Posted 05/05/2015 09:59