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    7 December 2016 - Single parents in the UK have been affected by cuts to welfare support, pressure to be in employment and obligations to pay high childcare costs. What is the real cost of benefit changes to those that rely on them, and how can risks and insecurity be mitigated in the future?

    A conference organised by CPC, the University of Southampton and the University of York was held at Gingerbread, the London-based leading charity working with single parent families, to share current research on lone parents and inform social policy in the UK.

    Guests were invited from government departments, think tanks and the voluntary sector to exchange ideas, form new networks and join sessions on 'Family cash benefits and the risks of poverty in lone parent families' with Jonathan Bradshaw from the University of York and 'Bad jobs and food insecurity among single mother households in the USA' with Amanda Sheely from LSE. Dalia Ben-Galim, Director of Policy, Advice and Communications at Gingerbread gave the keynote speech.

    Read related published articles by Helen Kowalewska 'Beyond the 'Train-First'/'Work-First' Dichotomy: How Welfare States Help or Hinder Maternal Employment' and 'Diminishing returns: lone mothers' financial work and incomes incentives under the Coalition'
    Read related working paper by Professor Ann Berrington 'The changing demography of lone parenthood in the UK'

    Each of the speakers slideshows are available below:

    'Dalia Ben-Galim Gingerbread.pdf'

    'Amanda Sheely.pdf'

    'Sarah Pearson.pdf'

    'Sarah Johnsen and Sharon Wright.pdf'

    'Jonathan Bradshaw.pdf'

    'Silvia Soriano.pdf'

    Posted 13/12/2016 16:47