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    The British Society of Population Studies Annual Conference 2019 is taking place at Cardiff University 09-11 September 2019. CPC members will be out in force to represent the excellent population research undertaken over the last year. From PhD students to Directors, CPC members at all career points will be enjoying presenting and sharing knowledge with other attendees to the conference. It is an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with others, and an important occasion for our researchers.

    2019 is our 10th year of funding ann we are delighted to sponsor the BSPS poster session as one of our "birthday" year events. To help us celebrate, we are inviting attendees to join us for drinks, nibbles and a slice of cake in the Conference Centre at 18:30 on Monday 09 September.

    CPC Director Professor Jane Falkingham discusses why we are so excited to share our anniversary with attendees:

    “I am delighted to be coming up to such an important milestone. The last 10 years have seen many changes in how we live as a society, and those changes are happening more rapidly than ever before. Our research achievements so far have helped us to better understand the drivers of change and contribute to the national and international conversation on how to respond.”

    Funded for a further three years, CPC represents the ESRC's continued investment in population research. The importance of which was recently highlighted in their 2019 Delivery Plan, and can be seen from the recent award of £708,000 to a new CPC study on current fertility trends.

    Attendees of BSPS 2019 can hear more about CPC research in the sessions below, and you can follow our live tweets on twitter, @CPCpopulation or by following the event #BSPS2019.

    Monday 09 September 2019

    Session: Data Quality
    Title: Data quality in mixed mode mixed-device general population UK social survey: Evidence from the Understanding Society Wave 8
    Authors: Maslovskaya, Durrant & Smith

    Session: Ageing: Informal & formal care
    Title: Pathways into informal care provision
    Authors: Fuglsang-Palmer, Vlachantoni, Evandrou

    Fertility & reproductive health: Determinants of pregnancy timing
    Chair: Katie Heap


    Session: Telling the story in statistics 1
    Title: Maximising partnerships to communicate demographic research
    Authors: McGowan, Dey, Falkingham

    Session: Families & Households: Divorce & Partnership transitions
    Title: Union dissolution and divorce among ethnic minorities in Britain
    Authors: Mikolai, Kulu

    Session: Families & Households: Divorce & Partnership transitions
    Title: Getting Back on the Housing Ladder? Separation and Homeownership in Britain and Germany
    Authors: Kulu, Mikolai, Vidal

    Session: Families & Households: Divorce & Partnership transitions
    Title: Relationship quality indicators and living apart together union transitions
    Authors: Ciritel, Berrington, Perrelli-Harris

    Session: Innovations in modelling processes & mechanisms
    Title: How does information spread affect migration routes? Insights from simulation modelling
    Authors: Hinsch, Bijak

    Poster Session

    Sub-national fertility variation across Europe
    Nicholas Campisi

    Cohort profiles at baseline in the Macmillan HORIZONSProgramme
    Lynn Calman, Joshua Turner, Rebecca Foster, Natalia Permyakova, Sally Wheelwright, Sophia Taylor, Amanda Cummings, Peter W.F. Smith, HORIZONS Programme Management Group, Claire Foster

    Pathways into informal care provision
    Maja Emilie Fugslang Palmer

    Social media markets for survey research in comparative contexts: Facebook users in Kenya
    Katherine Hoffman Pham, Francesco Rampazzo, Leah R.Rosenzweig

    Targeting cash transfers on the ‘poorest of the poor’ in the slums: How well does the Kenya’s older persons cash transfer programme perform?
    Gloria Langat, Nele van der Wielen, Maria Evandrou, Jane Falkingham

    Tuesday 10 September 2019

    Session: Early career panel: Grant application
    CPC members are heavily represented at this panel session, which will provide valuable information to early career academics on the decision‐making process, what grant reviewers look for, what grant assessment panel members look for, and tips and tricks on writing a successful grant application.
    Panel members: Professor Jakub Bijak, Professor Jane Falkingham, Professor Hill Kulu, Professor Melinda Mills
    Chair: Dr. Julia Mikolai

    <i>Session: Feminist approaches: Gender&#8208;based violence, vulnerabilities & intersectionality</i>
    Chair: Heini Väisänen


    Session: Fertility & reproductive health: Geographical & environmental influences on fertility & reproductive health
    Title: Subnational variations in European fertility: the Nordic countries
    Authors: Campisi

    Session: Families & households: Intergenerational effects
    Title: Understanding the intergenerational transmission of complex family trajectories
    Authors: Stannard, Berrington, Alwan

    Session: Innovative statistical models for estimation & forecasting
    Chair: Jakub Bijak

    Session: Innovative statistical models for estimation & forecasting
    Title: Comparing fertility forecasting methods
    Authors: Hilton, Dodd, Forster, Smith, Bijak

    Session: Families & households: Relationship & family formation
    Chair: Julia Mikolai


    Session: Innovative data & methods
    Chair: Jason Hilton

    Session: Innovative data & methods
    Title: Probalistic methods for combining traditional & social media bilateral migration data
    Authors: Yildiz, Wisniowski, Abel

    Session: Innovative data & methods
    Title: Using digital traces to measure European migrant population in the UK by combining the Labour Force Survey and Facebook advertising data
    Authors: Rampazzo, Bijak, Vitali, Weber, Zagheni

    Session: Feminist approaches: Gender, work & production
    Title: Women's economic empowerment in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-national analysis using DHS data
    Authors: Williams, Väisänen, Padmadas

    Wednesday 11 September

    Session: Ageing: Ageing, health & poverty
    Chair: Maja Palmer

    Session: Ageing: Ageing, health & poverty
    Title: Understanding the impact and targeting efficiency of Kenya's Older Persons Cash Transfer Programme
    Authors: van der Wielen, Chepngeno-Langat, Evandrou, Falkingham

    Session: Fertility: Abortion
    Title: The different decisions after conceiving as a teenager: how the proportions of teenage pregnancies leading to abortion vary through England in 1998-2016
    Authors: Heap, Berrington, Ingham

    Session: Fertility: Abortion
    Title: Understanding misoprostol use and health literacy among women obtaining medication abortions in Lagos
    Authors: Väisänen, Moore, Owolabi, Stillman, Fatusi, Akinyemi

    Session: Health: Public health
    Title: Determinants of inequalities in low birth weight in Sri Lanka: The evidence from the first post-war Demographic and Health Survey-2016
    Authors: Abeywickrama, Padmadas, Hinde


    Session: Health & mortality: The life course & health
    Title: Health that shapes health: The menopause and changes in health behaviours
    Authors: La Valle, Channon, Väisänen

    Session: Migration: Migration & family
    Chair: Julia Mikolai

    Session: Families & households: Multigenerational households, kin & friendship networks
    Chair: Yazhen Yang

    Session: Families & households: Multigenerational households, kin & friendship networks
    Title: Intergenerational support and its impact on the health status of older people in China
    Authors: Yang, Evandrou, Vlachantoni

    Strand Organisers
    CPC members have also been involved in organising the following strands:
    Early career panel – Julia Mikolai
    Fertility – Heini Väisänen
    Innovative data, methods & models – Jason Hilton
    Migration & mobilities – Julia Mikolai & Hill Kulu

    Posted 22/08/2019 16:56