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  • Video now available: 'SociaLab' with Peter Davis

    Peter Davis gave a CPC seminar on Friday 04 October 2019 on 'SociaLab: A census-based simulation tool for public policy inquiry'.

    Peter Davis is Honorary Professor in the Department of Statistics and Emeritus Professor in Population Health and Social Science at the University of Auckland.

    In his seminar, Peter outlines the background, construction and counterfactual modelling results from 'SociaLab' - a tool developed for the counterfactual modelling of public policy drawing on longitudinal data from the New Zealand census and using microsimulation techniques.

    SociaLab potentially provides an open-source tool for deliberative inquiry in policy development. It has now been fully written up in Simulating Societal Change, co-authored with Roy Lay-Yee, and published by Springer in the series Computational Social Sciences.

    A recording of the seminar is available on the CPC YouTube channel:

    Posted 08/10/2019 15:12