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  • European Population Conference 2022 | 29 June - 2 July Groningen

    CPC at the European Population Conference

    CPC members will be participating in the European Population Conference (EPC) from 29 June to 2 July 2022. This year it will be hosted in Groningen in collaboration the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and the University of Groningen. EPC 2022 will be the first hybrid conference of EAPS.

    The scientific program of EPC 2022 is built around 14 substantive themes covering the broad and interdisciplinary field of population studies. It includes some 80 hybrid paper sessions and the first ever Postercafé. Various side meetings as well as an exhibition accompany the conference.

    Attendees of EPC 2022 can hear more about CPC members’ research in the sessions below, and you can follow our updates on twitter, @CPCpopulation or by following the event #EPC2022.

    Thursday 30 June 2022


    Session: Fertility in uncertain times
    Title: Uncertainty across the “contact line”: Armed conflict, Covid-19, and perceptions of fertility decline in Eastern Ukraine
    Authors: Perelli-Harris, Hilevych, Gerber


    Session: Advancements in mortality analysis
    Title: Mortality under-registration by ethnic groups in Colombia
    Authors: Loja, Padmadas, Hilton


    Session: P1. Postercafe
    Title: Employment changes among immigrants and their descendants in four European countries
    Authors: Kulu, Mikolai, Delaporte, Liu, Höhn, Andersson

    Session: P1. Postercafe
    Title: Women’s economic empowerment and children’s school outcomes: The case of Malawi
    Authors: Williams, Vaisanen, Padmadas

    Session: P1. Postercafe
    Title: Pandemic babies? The fertility response to the first Covid-19 wave across European regions
    Authors: Nitsche et al. (including Berrington)

    Session: P1. Postercafe
    Title: Cumulative reproductive life histories and grip strength in Indonesia: 1993-2014
    Authors: Leone, Vaisanen, Witoelar

    Friday 1 July 2022


    Session: Climate change, air Pollution and health
    Title: The effect of air pollution on general health and mental well-being in the UK by ethnicity: A spatial-temporal multilevel analysis
    Authors: Abed al Ahad, Demšar, Sullivan, Kulu

    Session: Modelling migration, mobility and positioning
    Title: Estimating bilateral migration flows to match known net migration totals
    Authors: Abel, Smith

    Session: Migrant populations
    Title: Family formation and the employment outcomes of immigrants in France: A multilevel multistate approach
    Authors: Delaporte, Kulu

    Session: Migrant populations
    Title: Work-migration-life balance: Patterns of immigrant labor market engagement by parity
    Authors: Liu, Kulu


    Session: Health and quality of life of older people
    Title: Assessing the burden of joint cognitive and physical health impairment in the US, 1998-2016
    Authors: Sharma, Hale, Myrskylä, Kulu

    Session: Union formation
    Title: Parental socioeconomic class and young Britons' family expectations: Do family structure and educational aspirations, during adolescence, mediate this relationship?
    Authors: Palumbo, Berrington, Eibich

    Saturday 2 July 2022


    Session: Divorce and children
    Title: Family complexity and young children’s health outcomes in the UK: A longitudinal study
    Authors: Kyclova, Mikolai, Finney, Keenan

    Session: Flash Session: Inequalities in life expectancy, disability and health
    Title: Intersecting gender, racial, and socioeconomic inequalities in multimorbid life expectancy in South Africa: A multistate modelling approach
    Authors: Lam, Keenan, Myrskla, Kulu

    Session: Flash Session: Inequalities in life expectancy, disability and health
    Title: Inequalities in time spent in multimorbidity in Costa Rica and Mexico: A multistate modelling approach
    Authors: Lam, Cezard, Keenan


    Session: Improvements in forecasting methods
    Title: Improving methods for fertility forecasting through the incorporation of parity information
    Authors: Ellison, Berrington, Bijak, Dodd

    Session: Fertility among immigrant populations
    Title: Partnership, fertility, and employment trajectories of immigrants in the UK: A three-channel sequence analysis
    Authors: Mikolai, Kulu

    Posted 26/05/2022 12:25