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  • 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium | Oslo – 9-11 June 2022

    CPC at the Nordic Demographic Symposium

    CPC members will be participating in the 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium which will be held in Oslo 9-11 June 2022.

    Attendees of the symposium can hear more about CPC members’ research in the sessions below, and you can follow our updates on twitter, @CPCpopulation.

    Thursday 9 June 2022


    Session: Pandemic fertility
    Title: Pandemic Babies? The fertility response to the first Covid-19 wave across European regions
    Authors: Nitsche et al. (including Berrington)

    Session: Population projections
    Title: Improving methods for fertility forecasting through the incorporation of parity information
    Authors: Ellison, Berrington, Bijak, Dodd


    Session: Education and fertility
    Title: Changing educational patterns of childlessness in the United Kingdom: A comparison of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
    Authors: Kuang, Christison, Ellison, Kulu, Berrington


    Session: Immigrant fertility
    Title: Timing and levels of fertility among first- and second-generation immigrants in Sweden: A register-based longitudinal study
    Authors: Höhn, Andersson, Kulu

    Friday 10 June 2022


    Session: Paid and unpaid work, and the family
    Title: Family formation and the employment outcomes of immigrants in France: A multilevel multistate approach
    Authors: Delaporte, Kulu


    Session: Understanding fertility trends
    Title: Socioeconomic attainment among only children in Sweden and Norway
    Authors: Keenan, Barclay, Kravdal, Goisis

    Session: Family structure, fertility, and health
    Title: Family complexity and young children’s mental health in the UK
    Authors: Kyclova, Mikolai, Finney, Keenan

    Saturday 11 June 2022


    Session: Housing, economic uncertainty and fertility
    Title: Fertility behaviour and the residential context: a longitudinal analysis of fertility trends in Scotland
    Authors: Christison, Kuang, Ellison, Kulu, Berrington

    Posted 26/05/2022 13:14