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    CPC has produced six new working papers since our last newsletter in Autumn 2011:

    CPC Working Paper 16, authored by Irene Mosca and Robert E Wright, investigates chasing graduate jobs?

    CPC Working Paper 17, authored by David McCollum, Lorraine Cook, Canford Chiroro, Alison Platts, Franca MacLeod and Allan Findlay, investigates spatial, sectoral and temporal trends in A8 migration to the UK 2004-2011 Evidence from the Worker Registration Scheme

    CPC Working Paper 18, authored by Corrado Giulietti and Jackie Wahba, looks at welfare migration

    CPC Working Paper 19, authored by Allan Findlay, David McCollum, Sergei Shubin, Elina Apsite and Zaiga Kisjane, discusses imagining and producing the 'good' migrant: The role of recruitment agencies in shaping bodily goodness

    CPC Working Paper 20, authored by David McCollum and Allan Findlay, investigates East-Central European migration to the UK: policy issues and employment circumstances from the perspective of employers and recruitment agencies

    CPC Working Paper 21, authored by Peter W Gething, Fiifi Amoako Johnson, Faustina Frempong-Ainguah, Philomena Nyarko, Angela Baschieri, Patrick Aboagye, Jane Falkingham, Zoe Matthews and Peter M Atkinson, discusses geographical access to care at birth in Ghana: a barrier to safe motherhood

    Posted 01/10/2012 15:36