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    CPC has produced nine new working papers since our last newsletter in Spring 2013:

    CPC Working Paper 31, authored by Corrado Giulietti, Christian Schluter and Jackline Wahba considers social networks and immigrants in the UK.

    CPC Working Paper 32, authored by James Brown and Eva Beaujouan, reviews the Rolling Census Approach, and other survey-based options.

    CPC Working Paper 33, authored by Maire Ni Bhrolchain and Eva Beaujouan, looks at education and cohabitation in Britain since the 1970s.

    CPC Working Paper 34, authored by John Kennes and John Knowles, examines whether technological change can account for the sexual revolution.

    CPC Working Paper 35, authored by Brienna Perelli-Harris, considers how similar cohabiting and married parents are in the United States and across Europe.

    CPC Working Paper 36, authored by John Knowles and Guillaume Vandenbroucke, looks at marriage and fertility in France after World War One.

    Working Paper 37, authored by Brienna Perelli-Harris and Mark Lyons-Amos, looks at the heterogeneity of relationship patterns, examining 15 countries using latent class growth models.

    Working Paper 38, authored by Ann Berrington and Juliet Stone, outlines a future research agenda for studies of young adults' transitions to residential independence.

    Working Paper 39, authored by Vernon Gayle, Susan Murray and Roxanne Connelly examines [school GCSE
    attainment and ordinary young people|http://www.cpc.ac.uk/publications/2013_WP39_Exploring_the_middle_School_GCSE_attainment_and_ordinary_young_people_Gayle_et_al.pdf].

    Read the other Working Papers in the series on the CPC website.

    Posted 24/07/2013 15:05