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    Six new working papers have recently been published:
    <li>Dr Eva Beaujouan discusses new evidence on the paths to repartnering after union dissolution for men and women in France.
    <li>Dr Ann Berrington, Dr Juliet Stone and Professor Jane Falkingham investigate how far transitions to adulthood have changed in the last decade using data from the UK Labour Force Survey.
    <li>Dr Guy Abel, Dr Jakub Bijak, Dr Jonathan Forster, Dr James Raymer and Professor Peter Smith investigate what Bayesian methods offer population forecasters.
    <li>Dr Guy Abel, Dr Jakub Bijak and Dr James Raymer compare official population projections with Bayesian time series forecasts for
    England and Wales.
    <li>Emma Calvert studies the nature of young people's housing transitions.
    <li>Professor Paul Boyle and Dr Peteke Feijten investigate the differences in mental health between adults in stepfamilies and 'first families'

    Posted 27/05/2010 16:02