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    CPC Working Paper 49, authored by Scott Tindal, Allan Findlay and Robert Wright (2014) The changing significance of EU and international students' participation in Scottish higher education

    CPC Working Paper 50, authored by Malcolm Campbell and James Robards (2014) Comparing changing age-specific fertility across the United Kingdom using Lexis diagrams

    CPC Working Paper 51, authored by Vernon Gayle and Christopher James Playford (2014) The concealed middle? An exploration of ordinary young people and school GCSE subject area attainment

    CPC Working Paper 52, authored by Nora Sánchez Gassen and Brienna Perelli-Harris (2014) The increase in cohabitation and the role of marital status in family policies: A comparison of 12 European countries

    CPC Working Paper 53, authored by Brienna Perelli-Harris and Mark Lyon-Amos (2014) Partnership patterns in the United States and across Europe: 'Diverging destinies' or 'diverging contexts'?

    CPC Working Paper 54, Authored by Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou and Athina Vlachantoni (2014) Exploring the link between demographic change and poverty in the UK

    Read the other Working Papers in the series on the CPC website.

    Posted 21/10/2014 13:42