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    The CPC Working Paper Series publishes independent research on Centre themes. Seven new CPC Working Papers have been published since our last newsletter in Autumn 2014.

    CPC Working Paper 55, authored by Ann Berrington, Peter Tammes and Steven Roberts, discusses economic precariousness and living in the parental home in the UK.

    CPC Working Paper 56, authored by Agnese Vitali and Daria Mendola, examines women as main earners in Europe.

    CPC Working Paper 57, authored by Agnese Vitali and Francesco Billari, looks at changing determinants of low fertility and diffusion in Italy.

    CPC Working Paper 58, authored by David McCollum, Scott Tindal and Allan Findlay, explores the political economy of immigration policy, using the example of Scotland.

    CPC Working Paper 59, authored by Allan Findlay, David McCollum, Rory Coulter and Vernon Gayle, considers new mobilities across the lifecourse and offers a framework for analysing demographically-linked drivers of migration.

    CPC Working Paper 60 authored by Vernon Gayle, Roxanne Connelly and Paul Lambert, provides a review of occupation-based social classifications for social research.

    CPC Working Paper 61 authored by Sylvia Szabo, Dilruba Begum, Sate Ahmad, Zoe Matthews and Peter Kim Streatfield, contemplates scenarios of population change in the coastal Ganges Brahmaputra delta from 2011 - 2051.

    Read the other papers in the series on the CPC website.

    Posted 30/04/2015 13:24