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    Migration and Mobility


    Extending our research conducted under the 'UK in a Changing Europe' initiative, this project focuses on transnational healthcare attitudes and practices of EU migrants. In the current Brexit transitional period it is crucial to broaden our knowledge of such practices and assess how they are likely to change.
    It is important to understand the attitudes and experiences of Polish nationals since they constitute the biggest group of EU (and non-British) population in the UK. Like other EU citizens, Poles are prone to travel back to their country origin for medical treatment and they often resort to the private sector, in Poland or in the UK. The project will collect national level primary data on how Poles in the UK manage their health by travelling and by accessing public and private services. In particular, it focuses on those who are likely to be in continuous contact with health service providers because they are affected by, or are caring for someone with, a long-term condition or disability.
    Methodologically, the project consists of two interrelated phases. The first involves the gathering of both quantitative and qualitative data by the means of an online questionnaire. Informed by this, in-depth qualitative interviews will be conducted with migrants across the UK.