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  • Project contributors: Finney N, McCollum D, Kulu H, Falkingham J, Lundholm E, Malmberg G,

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    Migration and Mobility


    This project extends the work from the project, 'Economic change and internal population dynamics: an innovative study of new residential mobilities in Scotland' on residential mobility to examine a) whether emergent adulthood, reflecting economic uncertainty and/or extended education, has simply resulted in a temporary dampening of residential mobilities of young people until eg. their 30s, or whether this represents a fundamental and enduring alteration to the character of short distance moves, and b) whether ethnic and regional differences result in distinctive mobility behaviour during this important phase of the life course. The project uses data from the Understanding Society study, the ONS Longitudinal Study, the Scottish Longitudinal Study and the Swedish population register to conduct a comparative study of residential mobility of young adults in the UK and Sweden.

    Publications & Activities

    Family dynamics among immigrants and their descendents in Europe
    Understanding Society (2019). (University of Essex)
    Authors: Kulu H,