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    Communication and Education


    CPC aims to participate in the University of Southampton's Science and Engineering Festival (SOTSEF) on an annual basis. In 2019, as part of the Festival's Science and Engineering Day, CPC used materials from the popular 'How to get to 100 and enjoy it!' exhibition project, as well as new educational materials, to exhibit population research to members of the public, inviting people to think more deeply about population change.

    Timed to coincide with British Science Week each year, SOTSEF includes hands-on activities, shows, demonstrations, talks and tours. Over recent years, SOTSEF has grown to become one of the most popular science festivals in the South of England, with over 7000 visitors to Science and Engineering Day in 2019.

    During the event, CPC used the 'How to get to 100 and enjoy it!' project materials, alongside new games and activities, as a tool to open up conversations between researchers and the public. In turn, people can download the free app to take away and use as a talking point with others.

    The aim of this project is for visitors to leave the exhibition with a better understanding of the issues around population change, and curiosity to find out more in the future.

    CPC activities at Science and Engineering Day:

    • 'A Life Journey' Interactive Ipad App
    The app "A Life Journey" provides insights on the topic of demographic change in Europe and introduces individuals to the field of population studies.
    • Population Pyramid Lego Activity
    A population pyramid is a graph showing how many men and women of different age groups are in a population. This activity encourages visitors to try building examples of population pyramids using Lego, or to create their own.
    • 'How do we think about ageing?' Data Strings Game
    A growing, real-life graph capturing the thoughts and feelings of our visitors, stimulating conversations about approaches to ageing.

    The project to develop and promote the How to get to 100 and enjoy it! exhibition across Europe has been led by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany since 2013. In conjunction with Population Europe - a network of leading European experts specialising in communicating demographic knowledge to a wider public- the Centre for Population Change has taken the lead in bringing the exhibition to the UK, and now the US, creating content specifically for audiences in the regions it visits. Find out more about the project on the 'How to get to 100 - and enjoy it' website.