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  • Project contributors: Vlachantoni A, Evandrou M, Falkingham J, Feng Z, Wang N,

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    Exchange Between the Generations


    Existing research has shown that almost half of mid-life individuals provide support to their parents/ parents-in-law and such experience is increasingly likely for future cohorts of individuals. However, beyond empirical analyses of carers' characteristics and patterns of support exchange, our understanding of the perspectives of carers who are supporting their parents/ parents-in-law, on their caring activity and how it interacts with other areas of life (eg. social participation, identity) remains limited. This project bridged this gap by linking quantitative and quantitative data from the National Child Development Study.


    Carers Count: The importance of Census data YouTube. 2021
    Professor Athina Vlachantoni features in this video produced by the ESRC-funded CIRCLE project on the use of the Census for understanding patterns of informal care.