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    Fertility and Family


    In this project we analyse couple relationship quality and how it is related to partnership formation, dissolution, and childbearing in the UK and across Europe. With our research we are able to follow both partners over time and accompany them through the first years of their relationship and into parenthood. A particular focus of our study will be on differences between marriage and cohabitation, as the latter has increasingly become a more common living arrangement for couples and a setting for childbearing.
    We pay particular attention to financial problems and changes in employment to see whether disadvantaged individuals have a poorer relationship quality, and if these disadvantaged individuals with poor relationship quality are more or less likely to have a child than those in a better economic situation.
    Our longitudinal approach provides a unique opportunity to advance causal explanations regarding relationship quality and outcomes, as well as new insights into the key factors that determine partnership stability and duration. A further aspect of our study will be a comparison between the UK and other European countries using Understanding Society and The Generations and Gender Surveys.

    Publications & Activities

    Is there a "bar" for Relationship Quality? Family Transitions in the UK
    Understanding Society Scientific Board Meeting (2019). (University of Essex)
    Authors: Perelli-Harris B, Blom N,


    Family Formation Understanding Society. 2020
    Brienna Perelli-Harris talks about her research in cohabitation and relationship quality in this video clip from Understanding Society.

    Happiness of the breadwinner Algemeen Dagblad. 2019

    Wife with higher income is bad for relationship Het Belang van Limburg . 2019
    Discussion of research on relationship satisfaction and the gender of the breadwinner

    Women with higher income is bad for relationship De Telegraaf . 2019
    Discussion of research on relationship satisfaction and the gender of the breadwinner