Research Programme

Ageing and wellbeing in a globalizing world (AgeGlobe)

The Project is funded by the ESRC as part of the joint UK, Dutch and Indian Social Science Research Council initiative (ESRC-NWO-ICSSR).

Maria EvandrouAthina VlachantoniSabu Padmadas, Vicky Hosegood, Jane Falkingham and Frank Feng

Project summary

Members of the Centre for Research on Ageing and Centre for Population Change (Prof. Maria Evandrou (PI) and Dr Athina Vlachantoni) and the Division of Demography (Dr Sabu Padmadas and Dr Vicky Hosegood) are part of an internationally collaborative project between Research Councils in India, the Netherlands and the UK, which is aimed at exploring the wellbeing of older persons in the context of an increasingly globalising world. The topics being explored as part of this project include migration, health, social networks and different types of wellbeing, using nationally representative datasets from the different countries. For more details on this project please see the Age-Globe Network research project page.


Project activities

Date Activity Description
28-30 June 2015 Third Network Meeting held at The Carlton Hotel. Meeting title: “Ageing, Health and Social Care in India and Europe.”
28 February 2014 Second Network Meeting held at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Den Haag. Meeting title: “Ageing in a Globalizing World Age.”
10-12 January 2013 First Network Meeting held at the Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum. Meeting title: “Ageing and well-being in a globalizing world.”







Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z., James, K.S., Vlachantoni, A. (2015) Midway between Manchester and Mumbai: the living arrangements of older Indians living in the UK. CPC Briefing Paper 25, ESRC Centre for Population Change, UK.

Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z. and Vlachantoni, A. (2016) Ethnic inequalities in limiting health and self-reported health in later life revisited. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, (Online first view).

Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J., Feng, Z. and Vlachantoni, A. (2015) Two decades on: the continuing health disadvantage of South Asian Elders. ESRC Centre for Population Change Report, UK, June 2015.

Vlachantoni, A., Feng, Z., Evandrou, M. and Falkingham, J. (2015) A South Asian disadvantage? Differences in occupational pension membership in the UK. ESRC Centre for Population Change Report,UK, June 2015.


Media activities

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