Research Programme

Understanding quality of life and well-being of older people: Case studies of China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

This project is funded by the ESRC SDAI in partnership with HelpAge International London

Asghar Zaidi, Jane Scobie and Maria Evandrou

Project summary

Policy responses to challenges linked with rapid population ageing, especially in middle and low income countries, require a clear understanding of the factors that influence the well-being and quality of life of older people. Comparative analysis of secondary data has the potential to highlight outcomes of good policy practices and illuminate what policy reforms and data improvements are essential for this purpose. This project undertook secondary data analysis of older people living in China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The research, involving Professor Maria Evandrou and Professor Asghar Zaidi, built upon the Global AgeWatch Index 2013, and will make a unique contribution in promoting scientific comparative research on issues of ageing and older people.

This project was funded from January 2015 until December 2016.


Project activities

Date Activity Description
8 November 2016 Presentation at the HelpAge Asia-Pacific regional conference 2016 held in Hanoi. Asghar Zaidi presented the paper “Measuring quality of life of older people” at the event.
6-8 August 2016 Presentation at the “Not the Golden Age of Old? New research on older people living in the UK” event held in Westminster. Asghar Zaidi and Jose Iparraguirre gave an Age UK presentation at the event. 





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