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  • The demography and geography of our population has implications for the spread and impact of coronavirus. Researchers at the Centre for Population Change are working to understand the economic and social impact of the pandemic on our lives, from the effect on our personal relationships, to the economic implications for our communities and institutions.

    World Population Day Sunday 11 July

    This Sunday 11 July 2021 marks the United Nations Read More)

    Posted on 2021-07-08 13:12:52 By BD

    Helping ONS improve population estimation

    CPC researchers have been informing the new methodology used by the Office for National Statistics (...(Read More)

    Posted on 2021-06-25 09:40:06 By BD

    Covid-19 could cause historically low levels of childbearing in the UK

    Levels of childbearing in all the countries of the UK were declining even before the pandemic. The i...(Read More)

    Posted on 2021-03-26 09:03:52 By BD