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  • Knowing how many people are in a region or country is important for planning the services people need, for example: hospitals; schools; shops and housing. At CPC we are improving how we estimate different populations today and plan for the size and structure of populations in the future, we call this 'forecasting'.

    We are increasing the accuracy of UK migration statistics, making better estimates of the number of deaths in the UK, and improving the knowledge of European migration patterns.

    This research helps society understand today's populations and how they are likely to look in the future: by seeing how many people are likely to be added through immigration and births, and how many are likely to leave through emigration and deaths, we can better plan for the future society.Vitally, we are also including measures of uncertainty about the estimates and forecasts we make; this helps policy makers understand how certain we are about future changes, enabling them to make more robust decisions.

    This research is co-ordinated by Professor Peter W.F. Smith and Professor Jakub Bijak.