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  • EAPS European Population Conference | Sustainable Populations | 12-15 June 2024 | Edinburgh, Scotland | University of St Andrews.

    CPC-CG heads to the European Population Conference 2024

    From Thursday 13 June, CPC-CG members will head to the European Population Conference (EPC) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    EPC 2024 is organised by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) in collaboration with CPC-CG colleagues at the University of St Andrews. While EPC is a general population conference, this year it has a special focus on 'Sustainable Populations'.

    CPC-CG is sponsoring Poster Session 1 on Thursday 13 June at 12:30 in McEwan Hall so do join us to enjoy the posters and network with colleagues. We also have an exhibition stand at 40 George Square, alongside our partners at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science (LCDS). Do pay us a visit to find out more about our work and pick-up some conference stationery essentials. There will also be an opportunity to meet our researchers at the exhibition stand to discuss their research further (times may be subject to change).

    The sessions in which our members have presentations, posters or are Chairs and Discussants are linked below - click through for more details. For the latest conference updates, follow us on Twitter along with @EAPS_pop and the hashtag #EPC2024. More information and a full conference programme are available on the EAPS website.

    Thursday 13 June 09:00-10:30

    Session 2 | LT B
    Machine learning approaches for population research
    Chair: Mills

    Session 7 | LG.09
    A place-based approach to population sustainability: Internal migration in rural Scotland

    Session 10 | G.04
    The association between press coverage of the economy and fertility in the UK
    Fabrizio, Berrington, Guetto, Hilton, Vignoli

    Future uncertainty and fertility: Experimental evidence from Germany and Italy
    Kreyenfeld, Vignoli, O’Sullivan, Guetto, Alonso-Perez, Ramos, Solga, Heisig, Bazzani, Gellert

    Session 11 | G.05
    Climate change and sex ratios at birth
    Abdel Ghany, Wilde, Dimitrova, Kashyap, Muttarak

    Session 12 | G.06
    Well-being, living arrangements and satisfaction among older people
    Chair: Evandrou

    Session 13 | McEwan Hall
    Flash session Data Infrastructures for Population Research
    Chair: Kashyap

    Quantmig migration estimates: A new, harmonised set of probabilistic migration flow estimates for Europe, 2009-19
    Aristotelous, Smith, Bijak


    Session 16 | LT C
    Counting kin in an age times stage structured network
    Butterick, Ellison, Bijak, Dodd, Forster, Smith, Hilton

    Session 23 | G.04
    Trends in international migration: A European perspective

    Session 25 | G.06
    Are local places in Britain becoming more age segregated (and what does internal migration have to do with it)
    Finney, Graham, Hale

    Session 26 | McEwan Hall
    Economic uncertainty and intentions to remain childless – worries about the economy or individual-level economic uncertainty?
    Berrington, Kuang, Perelli-Harris


    Poster Session 1 | McEwan Hall
    Fertility plans and their realization in an age of insecurity: Was the Covid-19 pandemic a unique shock? An analysis of UK data

    First and second births in China: Individual and contextual determinants
    Hu, Kulu, Mikolai


    Session 29 | Lecture Theatre C
    Inequalities in working and health expectancies at older ages in South Korea
    Lam, Keenan, Kulu, Myrskyla

    Worsening trends in disease accumulation and health inequalities among middle-aged and older adults in Scotland: Cross-cohort analysis using health-linked data from the Scottish Longitudinal Study
    Ribe, Cezard, Marshall, Keenan

    Session 30 | LG.06
    Cancer incidence and mortality in Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and their descendants in England and Wales
    Harrison, Sullivan, Keenan, Kulu

    Session 31 | LG.08
    Time trends in family and household types
    Chair: Berrington

    Session 36 | G.04
    Scotland’s demography and population policies
    Chair: Falkingham
    Discussant: McCollum

    Session 39 | McEwan Hall
    Flash session values and attitudes about family and gender
    Chair: Kuang


    Session 41 | LT B
    Flash session internal migration: temporalities, socio-economic and health outcomes
    Chair: Finney

    Session 52 | McEwan Hall
    Mapping subnational gender gaps in internet and mobile adoption using social media data
    Breen, Fatehkia, Yan, Leasure, Weber, Kashyap

    Session 47 | G.02
    Internal migration and urban change
    Chair: McCollum


    Poster Session 2 | McEwan Hall
    Understanding inequalities in smoking in pregnancy: Disentangling maternal age and social disadvantage
    Ganly, Mills

    Trends in the burden of disability in the United States, 1996-2018: Analysis using multistate models
    Sharma, Hale

    Friday 14 June 09:00-10:30

    Session 56 | LG.08

    Cross-national comparison of refugee mobility in Europe
    Lacroix, Abed al Ahad, Christison, Liu, Kulu

    Session 57 | LG.10
    Forced displacement within and outside of Ukraine: How do key characteristics explain distance travelled?
    Perelli-Harris, Torrisi

    Session 62 | G.05
    How are UK millennials’ co-residence status associated with their emotional and financial wellbeing?

    Intimate partnerships during war: virtual interviews with women in two Ukrainian cities under Russia’s full-scale invasion
    Gerber, Popovych, Perelli-Harris

    11:00 – 12:30

    Session 68 | LG.09
    Changes in parents’ health and their proximity to adult children in Europe
    Afable, Mikolai, Vierboom, Evans, Myrskyla, Kulu

    Session 72 | G.06
    The housing integration of asylum seekers and refugees in Germany
    Liu, Kulu

    Session 73 | McEwan Hall
    Innovations in demographic modelling and projections
    Chair: Bijak

    12:30- 14:00

    Poster Session 3 | McEwan Hall
    Access to technology and secondary educational outcomes: Empirical evidence from India
    Poddar, Kashyap, Rotondi

    Pension protection among minority ethnic groups in the UK: The role of investments and subjective indicators
    Vlachantoni, Yin, Akhtar, Mocnik


    Session 76 | LT C
    Fertility and work environment
    Chair: Fiori


    Session 87 | LG.09
    Deviating temporal trends of substance abuse mortality in high-income countries
    Adarsh, Acosta, Myrskylä, Kulu

    Session 89 | G.06
    Has a new age of post pandemic work arrangements allowed parents to more equally share childcare chores?
    Kuang, Perelli-Harris, Berrington

    Session 91 | G.02
    Heterogeneity versus assimilation in family formation across generations and origin of descendants of immigrants in Sweden: which comes first, homeownership, marriage, or childbirth?
    Abed al Ahad, Andersson, Kulu

    Understanding partnership, employment and housing patterns of immigrants and their descendants in England and Wales through ethnic concentration
    Pandya, Kulu, Mikolai, Liu

    Session 93 | G.04
    Population change and sustainability: The challenges and opportunities of Scotland’s ageing population
    Chair: Hale

    Saturday 15 June 09:00-10:30

    Session 99 | LT B
    Who got lonelier during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
    Joshi, Weber, Goujon, Finney, Hale, Cunningham

    Loneliness and social isolation in the Covid era
    Ling, Hale, Cunningham

    Changing care needs in times of changing contexts: insights from the experience of adult children in the UK during the pandemic
    Pomeroy, Fiori

    Session 101 | LG.06
    Determinants of fertility among immigrants and descendants in the UK
    Baek, Kulu, Christison, Fiori

    Shaping the life course: The Interaction between partnerships, family building and employment among migrants and their descendants in the UK
    Christison, Mikolai, Kulu

    Session 104 | LG.09
    Developing fertility forecasts to inform kinship male forecasts
    Ellison, Hilton, Bijak, Dodd, Smith

    Session 106 | G.03
    Belonging to the neighbourhood, residential mobility, and the transition to parenthood
    Buh, Beaujouan, Berrington

    Social capital mediates knowledge gaps in informing sexual and reproductive health behaviours across Africa
    Koebe, Aidoo, Kashyap, Leasure, Rotondi, Weber


    Session 119 | G.03
    Too little, too weak? Family policies and workers’ bargaining response

    Posted 10/06/2024 14:10