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  • Project contributors: Evandrou M, Falkingham J, Vlachantoni A, Gomez-Leon M,

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    Intergenerational exchange


    With rising longevity it is at older ages that individuals start to experience limitations in their activities of daily living, increasing their need for social care. Previous research has highlighted the central role of the family in providing this informal care, particularly from one's spouse or adult children. For adult children the likelihood of being a caregiver peaks between ages 45-64. With increasing caregiving responsibilities, adult child carers' ability to participate in the labour market may be affected, as there is a time constraint on their capacity to take up multiple roles. This research contributes to the literature by examining the association between employment and caregiving using longitudinal data from the UK.

    Publications & Activities

    Children's migration and lifestyle-related chronic disease among older parents left behind in India.
    British Society for Population Studies 2018 Conference (2018). (University of Winchester)
    Authors: Falkingham J, Qin M, Vlachantoni A, Evandrou M,

    Reciprocity between adult children and older parents over the lifecourse
    44th Annual BSG Conference 2015 (2015). (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
    Authors: Evandrou M, Falkingham J, Gomez-Leon M, Vlachantoni A,