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  • Project contributors: Perelli-Harris B, Berrington A, Chao S,

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    Fertility and Family


    Previous research found that childbearing within cohabitation is associated with a pattern of disadvantage; however, less is known about couples' partnership and fertility decision-making with respect to labour market participation and housing conditions. This project extends prior work to look at the causes and consequences of partnership decision-making in the context of changing economic conditions and social norms in the UK. Using the UKHLS, we investigate whether cohabitors are more or less likely to be in dual-earner, male- or female-breadwinner households than married couples, and to what extent this changes after a birth. We also examine whether local housing costs prompt entrance into union or marriage and explore new questions on marriage intentions that will be fielded in the 2018-19 wave of UKHLS. The research will inform the debate on whether legal rights should be expanded to unmarried couples.

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