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  • Project contributors: Finney N, McCollum D, Kulu H, Falkingham J, Lundholm E, Malmberg G, So V,

    This Project is part of the following research programme/s:

    Migration and Mobility


    In this project we extend previous work on residential mobility to examine:
    a) whether there are changes over time - in prevalence and geographies - of residential mobility in young adulthood that may represent a fundamental and enduring alteration to the character of residential moves. We examine evidence for theorisations of a reduction in residential mobility.
    b) whether ethnic and regional differences result in distinctive mobility behaviour during this important phase of the life course; and the potential underlying causes of any differences.
    Currently, the team are examining data on residential mobility and residential context during 2020, to examine how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected residential experience, with a focus on young adults.
    The team are also collaborating with the ERC MyMove project to examine residential mobility of immigrant children. The ERC MyMove project can be viewed here
    The project uses data from the Understanding Society study (including Covid-19 surveys), the ONS Longitudinal Study, the Scottish Longitudinal Study and the Swedish population register to study residential mobility of young adults in the UK and Sweden.