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    Connecting Generations


    The Intergenerational Commission, chaired by Lord Willetts, highlighted the challenges facing the social contract between generations, with rising job and housing insecurity experienced by young people alongside a social care system not fit to support older generations. Responding to the need to better understand the diverse set of factors underlying equity between generations, the Resolution Foundation publishes the Intergenerational Audit for the UK, providing a stock-take of generational differences in living standards within the four domains of 1) Jobs, skills and pay, 2) Housing costs and security, 3) Taxes, benefits and household income and 4) Wealth and assets.

    The Connecting Generations collaboration will support the further production of this flagship publication. A key focus will remain the documentation of changes in economic living standards, with 'deep dives' highlighting particular issue of concern.

    The Audits will give rise to policy roadmaps which add fresh evidence to policy debates on living standards from an intergenerational angle.

    This research project is led by Professor Mike Brewer and Sophie Hale.

    Publications & Activities

    An intergenerational audit for the UK
    Resolution Foundation (2022).
    Authors: Broome M, Hale S, Cominetti N, Corlet A, Handscomb K, Murphy L, Slaughter H, Try L,


    They're not moaning, the young really are worse off The Times. 2023
    Molly Broome from the Resolution Foundation points out how younger working people today are faring worse due to stalling pay progression and from receiving less from the state.

    Why there is a case for different state pension ages across the country INewspaper. 2023
    Commentary piece in Inews by Molly Broome about the Government's decision to increase the state pension age.

    Young people will struggle most to pay rising energy bills, report says ITV News. 2022
    Molly Broome, economist at the Resolution Foundation quoted on ITV website about how the cost-of-living crisis will impact generations differently.

    Cost of living: Older people face biggest income squeeze from surging energy bills Yahoo News. 2022
    Article in Yahoo news refers to report published by the Resolution Foundation, 'An intergenerational audit for the UK', which in part looks at how the cost-of-crisis has affected different age groups.

    Energy bills: older Britons will pay more but youngest will struggle most, report finds The Guardian. 2022
    Molly Broome, economist at the Resolution Foundation quoted in The Guardian about how the cost-of-living crisis will impact generations differently.

    Molly Broome interviewed on the Intergenerational audit report

    Mortgage Crisis: What Does It Mean For You? ITV Tonight. 2022
    Sophie Hale was interviewed in an ITV documentary about mortgage costs, 'Mortgage Crisis: What Does It Mean For You?'.

    Molly Broome Interviewed on Good Morning Britain about the intergenerational audit for the UK report.

    Tories don't dare pinch pensions - but even the old are starting to think they should The Times. 2022
    Article in The Times quotes Lord David Willetts and his views on wealth redistribution between the generations.

    How Britain became a gerontocracy Resolution Foundation. 2022
    Blog by Lord David Willetts on the Resolution Foundation website about Britain being a gerontocracy.

    How Britain became a gerontocracy The Times. 2022
    Lord David Willetts writes an opinion piece in The Times about the older generation holding the wealth and power in Britain.