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  • Project contributors: Findlay A, Falkingham J, McCollum D, Prazeres L, Malmberg G, Krisjane Z, Sander N,

    This Project is part of the following research programme/s:

    Migration and Mobility


    Student mobility is not new, but its scale and significance is very different now from in the past. In the UK, arguably, no other form of mobility has been so strongly influenced by recent policy changes (student visas, the introduction of higher HEI fees in England).

    This research investigates inward-bound international student mobility (ISM) as an empirical lens to examine the wider issue of how globally-linked lives intersect through mobility (and immobility) in relation to economic, social and cultural processes and constraints. Student mobility (SM) between the four nations of the UK will also be studied to capture the effects of uneven regional policies on student fees.

    Key question: 'How is the production of student migration best explained?' Key policy question: 'What future trends in ISM to the UK and SM between the parts of the UK can be expected, given government policy on ISM and university fees?

    The primary focus is on ISM to the UK, but comparisons will be sought with a) Austria and Sweden (as two other significant intra-EU destinations of ISM), and b) Ireland and Latvia (locations sending students to the UK for very different reasons).

    Publications & Activities

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