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    Longer lives


    The increase in life expectancy has given rise to a policy debate on the extension of working life. In most countries in the EU, including the UK, such debate accompanies consideration of rises in the statutory retirement age for both men and women. Existing research has examined the influences on decisions to retire, suggesting that the demographic, health and socio-economic characteristics of the individual and their spouse/ partner and immediate family members are critical to the retirement decision. However, there has been much less research on the decision to extend working life, or the implications of work-and family-related decisions for work-life balance. This project uses nationally representative data from the UK and beyond to compare and contrast attitudes towards, and patterns of, extending working life beyond the state retirement age. It investigates the implications of extended working life on work-life balance, and the impact of work-life balance on individuals' circumstances and resources in later life.


    How can older people's skills be valued after life's rush hour? The Guardian. 2014
    Article on www.theguardian.com titled "How can older people's skills be valued after life's rush hour?" quotes Jane Falkingham