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  • Project contributors: Bijak J, Forster J, Smith P, Wisniowski A, Raymer J,

    This Project is part of the following research programme/s:

    Population estimation and forecasting


    The project was a follow-up to the work on IMEM: Integrated Modelling of European Migration, where we fine-tuned the estimates of the age and sex structures of the international migration flow estimates. The final estimates, and their associated error measures, are available from the dedicated IMEM website.

    Publications & Activities

    Statistical Modelling for Official Migration Statistics: State of the Art and Perspectives.
    Plenary meeting of the directors of methodology (DIME) and IT (ITDG) (2017). (Eurostat, Luxembourg)
    Authors: Bijak J,

    Perspectives for modelling in official migration statistics
    Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders (2016). (Budapest)
    Authors: Bijak J,

    Perspectives for model-based official migration statistics
    Eurostat Round Table on Migration Statistics (2016). (University of Southampton)
    Authors: Bijak J,

    Integrated modelling of age and sex patterns of European migration
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) (2016). 179 (4) 1007-1024
    Authors: Wisniowski A, Forster J, Smith P, Bijak J, Raymer J,

    Migration statistics