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    Fertility and Family


    Despite the increase of female-breadwinner families in developed countries (families in which women are the sole or main income provider), little is known about who these couples are, how and why they emerge, and what trends in female breadwinning mean for women, men and children.

    This project aims to answer such questions and in so doing will contribute to the debate on gender, money and the distribution of power between men and women in couples. The project will have three main aims:

    1. To provide an overview of the changing prevalence of female-breadwinner families over time and across European countries and regions

    2. To examine the drivers leading to the emergence of female-breadwinner families

    3. To examine the implications of the emergence of female-breadwinner families by studying a series of social and demographic outcomes relating to the lives of women, men and their children.

    This research makes use of international datasets allowing for cross-national comparisons, including the Luxembourg Income Study, the European Social Survey and the International Social Survey Programme, as well as longitudinal data for the UK, including Understanding Society and the Millennium Cohort Study.

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