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    Living Longer and the Changing Lifecourse


    The University of Southern California has established a global ageing data repository containing harmonised data from the Health and Retirement Study, ELSA, SHARE etc. These studies cover more than 50 per cent of the world's population aged 50+ and are linked to various administrative data on health, benefits, pensions etc. These linkages have not been systematically analysed. This project will evaluate these linkages. Key elements will include: ethical consents; meta-data of linked datasets; access conditions; statistical challenges of linked datasets; publications dependent on linked data. The evaluation will shed light on, for example which of the surveys are able to link to respondents' administrative health records, accuracy of linkage, what information is contained in the administrative data, what are the access conditions and how have they been used. Staff at the Gateway to Global Aging have indicated their willingness to assist with this project.The project will provide an assessment of the value of these admin data linkages and the role they may have in the future development of longitudinal studies of ageing.