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  • Our lives are becoming less fixed and more fluid, we change jobs more often and may have multiple relationships over our lifetimes, with this we are more likely to move around, crossing local, national and international borders. Recent political instability also means migration is high on the political agenda, people care about their ability to move around and who might be their neighbours. At CPC we are looking at the many different ways migration has an impact on society.

    We are researching what Brexit means for EU migrants living in the UK including their pension, citizenship and welfare rights and the impact these rights have on the economy. We are examining the movement of international students and whether or not they are likely to stay when they finish studying. We are investigating how migrants behave during economic recession and whether they are likely to return to their home country. We are also looking at reasons for internal migration within the UK, such as why adult children might need to move back to the parental home and how we can advise policy makers to make improvements that support them and their parents better.

    This research is co-ordinated by Professor Athina Vlachantoni, Professor Jackie Wahba and Professor Hill Kulu.

    Completed Projects